Microsoft Graph PowerShell for Administrators (Updated 2024)

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The Microsoft Graph PowerShell for Administrators ebook aims to help build your proficiency in managing Microsoft 365 services and Microsoft Entra using PowerShell, backed by the Microsoft Graph API. Not only will you learn how to install, maintain and authenticate to Microsoft Graph PowerShell, but you will also learn how to do it securely and efficiently, using different methods to meet the needs of your business.

In March 2024, Microsoft will depreciate the Azure AD Graph API, and in turn, the MSOnline and AzureAD PowerShell modules will be rendered useless.

You will have no option but to embrace Microsoft Graph PowerShell and its unique set of complexities. This book will solve these complexities by building an extremely valuable core set of skills for your support engineers, administrators, cybersecurity practitioners, consultants and architects from a basic to advanced level.

Book Specification

  • Pages: 225
  • Words: 38500+
  • Example scripts: 100+

Book chapters

  1. History of Microsoft Graph PowerShell: A dive into the history of Microsoft Graph PowerShell, finding the available versions and viewing detailed module release notes.
  2. Introduction to Microsoft Graph: Explores what the Microsoft Graph API is, a fundamental understanding of API requests and how PowerShell interacts with Microsoft Graph.
  3. Installing Microsoft Graph PowerShell: Convers how to install, re-install and upgrade the Microsoft Graph PowerShell modules, including any pre-requisite applications.
  4. Permissions and Authentication: Understanding the different types of permissions and convenient methods to locate permissions. Also covers in detail the different methods of authenticating to Microsoft Graph through PowerShell.
  5. Securing Access to Microsoft Graph PowerShell: My favour section, covering best practices for using Microsoft Graph PowerShell securely.
  6. Example commands to manage resources: Example of commands, scripts and permissions to manage common resources in Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Graph PowerShell.
  7. Common parameters and syntax: How to locate command parameters, use selecting properties such as -property and -expandproperty, and a deep dive into advanced filtering queries.
  8. Building scripts: I walk you through step by step how to create your first, well-written and formatted Microsoft Graph PowerShell script for new user creation in Microsoft 365.
  9. Microsoft Graph PowerShell and Azure Automation: Configuring Azure Automation to securely run Microsoft Graph PowerShell scripts automatically.
  10. Using Invoke-MgGraphRequest: Deep dive into using the Invoke-MgGraphRequest cmdlet to manually make API requests to Microsoft Graph, giving you additional control, flexibility and independence from other modules.
  11. Amazing tools to make your life easier: A collection of community-driven tools to make your life easier!
  12. Practice Challenges: Four practice challenges to help you flex your new Microsoft Graph PowerShell skills!
  13. Quiz: 25 questions to test your knowledge!
  14. Challenge and Quiz Answers
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Microsoft Graph PowerShell for Administrators (Updated 2024)

8 ratings
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